Ever wish you could reach your fitness goals and keep them for life?

Hi, I’m Mitch Diwar. Coach and champion for everyday guys like you, helping you to look good and feel your best.

  • makes you feel bored and restricted
  • requires you to be “extreme,” doing too much too soon, which feels impossible to keep up with
  • focuses on short-term physique outcomes instead of living a healthy lifestyle, where a good physique becomes the by-product.

I take a long-term approach to lifelong fitness.

Your health may not feel like a top priority right now, but it’s the only thing that will keep you doing what you love. 

With this philosophy, I help men identify and stay committed to the right plan that actually works, instead of the one that…

and delaying it is gonna end up being more expensive.
Looking at you medical bills

My Story



I learned the art and science of long-term fitness the hard way—by enduring injuiries for almost 5 years after excessively training.

In 2010, I was introduced to CrossFit and became completely hooked. I then became CrossFit Certified, started coaching classes. I was also committed to training 4+ days a week. My workouts were my 'me time' — they kept me grounded, helped me focus, and made me stronger.

It was all about performance and the scoreboards…

Yep, I was that guy...spending HOURS at the gym, trying to be the best, the fastest, the strongest…

But, those 400lbs deadlift records didn’t mean anything when my body wasn’t cooperating and in pain all the time. 

I quickly and painfully learned the most important lesson of my coaching career (and quite frankly, in life): the best measure for health is not in who can do the most (or even the best), but in who can stay in the game the longest.

So, maybe your journey looks less like getting injuried, and more like:
  • Feeling tired and unmotivated all the time
  • Losing weight, but wondering why you’re still not happy with how you look
  • Wishing you had more confidence and focus when engaging with others
  • Wondering if your dream fitness goals will ever support your dream life

The Lesson is the same:

Find out what matters to you long-term and build a plan that you can stick to for life

Short-term success doesn’t guarantee satisfaction 

The Goal:


Our long-term approach to lifelong fitness

Luckily, the story didn’t end there. While my body is still not at 100%. I’m lean, still maintaining my 6-pack without working out for YEARS, and I eat well while enjoying my food. This is all happening in the midst of navigating my injuries, switching jobs, getting married, and moving across provinces.

This journey led me to launch Diwar Training in 2020 and inspired me to advocate for a long-term approach that values consistent progress and realism, making the most out of less-than-ideal circumstances. 

Whether you’re juggling jobs and kiddos, navigating mental and physical challenges, or dealing with joint pain – I promise, you can STILL make progress instead of waiting for that perfect day when you feel ready.

helps purpose-driven men like YOU finally develop a fitness plan you feel confident in sticking to for life, so you can consistently feel more energized, focused, and healthy. 

We work with people like them 

I lost 28 pounds!

I've lost 1 pound a week for a total of 28 pounds! My clothes don't fit anymore. My jeans used to be tight around the waistband. Now I can fitn my whole hand in between. I see it in my face as well.

- Anthony Bigornia
High School Teacher

Cardio is feeling great!

There was a feeling that I could do this myself, but I couldn't stay consistent. I've heard from some people I have more definition in my arms. Cardio is feeling great! I went on a 200km cycling trip and even though I didn't have any "cycling training" it went very well!

- Aron Combs
Husband, Construction Worker

I have so much energy!

After COVID I decided I needed to lose weight to be more productive at my job. With my busy schedule from work I didn't have time to go to the gym. This program is very flexible. My physique totally changed! This is real, it can happen if you're focused as well!

- Rae

hiking feels a lot easier!

The Accountability Calls are such an effective tool for staying healthy. hiking feels a lot easier! I'm not out of breath, my legs aren't tired and I can keep walking. I enjoy it a lot more. Just go for it! It's not as bad as you're making it out to be!

- Brayden Bauer

It feels so easy!

After COVID I decided I needed to lose weight to be more productive at my job. With my busy schedule from work I didn't have time to go to the gym. This program is very flexible. My physique totally changed! This is real, it can happen if you're focused as well!

- Josh Okao
Husband, Father of 2

Fitness is Fun!

I decided to start training because my family has a history os heart disease and I have four kids to keep up with. Mitch is easy to work with, personable and cares about making fitness fun and relevant. I am really happy that I don't have to plan what I am doing in the gm tomorrow.

- Paul Morgan
Husband, Father of 4
Teacher & Hunter




Goalie at hockey team

Climbed the tree in the front yard


Joined CrossFit and started coaching classes


Coaching clients online through our Lean 4 Life Program

Ready to reach your fitness goals that last?