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I Lost 28 pounds!

I've lost 1 pound a week for a total of 28 pounds! My clothes don't fit anymore. My jeans used to be tight around the waistband. Now I can fit my whole hand in between. I see it in my face as well. 

- Anthony Bigornia
High School Teacher 

Cardio is feeling great!

There was a feeling that I could do this myself, but I couldn't stay consistent. I've heard from some people I have more definition in my arms. Cardio is feeling great! I went on 200km cycling trip and even though I didn't have any "cycling training" it went very well!"

- Aron Combs
Husband, Construction Worker

I have so much energy!

After COVID I decided I needed to lose weight to be more productive at my job. With my busy schedule from work I didn't have time to go to the gym. This program is very flexible. My physique totally changed! This is real, it can happen if you're focused as well!

- Rae

Hiking feels a lot easier!

The Accountatbility Calls are such an effective tool for staying healthy. Hiking feels a lot easier! I'm not out of breath, my legs aren't tired and I can keep walking. I enjoy it a lot more. Just go for it! It's not as bad as you're making it out to be!

- Brayden Bauer

Fitness is Fun!

I decided to start training because my family has a history of heart disease and I have four kids to keep up with. Mitch is easy to work with, personable and cares about making fitness fun and relevant. I am really happy that I don't have to plan what I am doing in the gm tomorrow.

- Paul Morgan
Husband, Father of 4
Teacher & Hunter

It feels so easy!

I never enjoyed working out before. Mitch is a good listener and adjusts to make things doable for me. I'm not as hungry anymore and working out feels like part of my lifestyle now. You should try it!

- Josh Okao
Husband, Father of 2

At Diwar Training, we empower and equip you to effectively get stronger and lose weight, even if you have no willpower or a busy schedule.

Our clients are working professionals with busy schedules who aspire to take on new challenges and feel mentally and physically capable. They want to effortlessly achieve their fitness goals that go beyond mere appearance.

Everyone dreams of reaching their fitness goals, but HARDLY ANYONE achieves their goals and sticks to them for life. 

Which do you want to be?
The dreamer or the man of action?

It’s time to take your health seriously…


More than 52% of
Adults are overwight

91% of people with fitness Resolutions Quit.
60% quit after 1 month!

95% OF people who lose weight gain it all back within 5 years!

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My signature coaching program is designed to effortlessly create a fitness routine that you can actually stick to forever and that works! Over our 6 months together, we will identify your goals and make consistent progress through my on-demand workout library, a personalized nutrition plan, and 1:1 accountability.



Hi, I’m Mitch Diwar

I take a long-term approach to lifelong fitness.

For the past 10+ years I’ve worked in the fitness industry helping individuals reach their fitness goals and foster a lifestyle centered around health and fulfillment. During that time I’ve unlocked the blueprint to making the most out of your life, even if it feels chaotic. Together, let's make lasting positive changes that extend beyond the number on the scale.

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